Pig&Hen Bombay Barry Yellow Gold Bracelet

Bombay Barry Yellow Gold Bracelet


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Bombay Barry has always been a little different. He is reckless and had his fair share of bad luck. His acquired taste in women and liquor has caught him in some nasty situations. Over the years he was shot at least seven times – as far as he remembers. Attacks which he has been able to survive in some mysterious way. There have been rumours he is bulletproof.

Barry has a 5mm shackle and is 12mm wide.

Medium Length: 18 cm
Large Length: 20 cm

The materials used will survive a life time and the colour will not fade over time. The shackle is forged out of stainless steel and could show some wear and tear.

All the Pig&Hen products are for life and are handmade with passion in Amsterdam