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Silver Seasons Peach Tree Dainty Earrings 3712BZ

Peach Tree Dainty Earrings

Michael Michaud

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Peaches are a summer favourite and nothing beats the taste and smell of a freshly picked peach. 

Although its botanical name, which literally translates as 'Persian plum', suggests that the peach originated in Persia, its true country of origin is China, where it been cultivated since the Neolithic period. In its native China, the peach has significant cultural symbolism, representing unity and immortality.

Peach trees are one of the first fruit trees to bloom, their delicate pink blossoms perfuming the early spring air, and in summer they reward you with an abundance of sweet, juicy fruit. Beyond this delicious taste, peaches have impressive nutritional benefits, making making them one of the most nutritious fruits overall.

Materials: The leaves and twigs of the Peach Tree earrings are cast in green hand patinated bronze. The earrings are accented with cast glass peaches in pale pink and yellow. The wires are 925 Sterling silver with a 24K gold plating

Measures: 0.53" L x 0.58" W

Handmade in New York