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Pig & Hen Sharp Simon Red Coat of Arms Bracelet
Pig & Hen Sharp Simon Red Coat of Arms Bracelet

Sharp Simon Red Coat of Arms Bracelet


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"Pig & Hen bracelets are Handmade in Amsterdam and we are very proud of our roots. The weapon of our beloved city is called the Coat of Arms. Coloured with a strong black and red, almost Stronger than Steel, with three crosses standing firm in the middle"

An incredibly smooth talker who has the rare ability to turn any prickly situation into an advantage. We’ve lost count of the amount of times his unrivalled way with words has saved him, and the amount of ladies he keeps awake at night.

Simon is a flat braided bracelet, has 4mm shackle and is 10mm wide.

The materials used will survive a life time and the colour will not fade over time. The shackle is forged out of stainless steel and could show some wear and tear.

All the PIG & HEN products are for life and are handmade with passion in Amsterdam