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Laughing Sparrow Square 'fuck' Ring 243-FUCK
Laughing Sparrow Square 'fuck' Ring 243-FUCK

Square 'fuck' Ring

Laughing Sparrow

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Yes. This does say what you think it does!

This 3mm wide sterling silver band is shaped into a square and hand stamped with a lowercase "fuck". Why? Well, we want to make sure you always have at least one fuck to give! ;)

NOTE: Square ring sizes are different than round rings. Here is an approximate conversion chart:
SQ 8 - size 3-4
SQ 9 - size 4-5
SQ 10 - size 5-6
SQ 11 - size 6-7
SQ 12 - size 7-8
SQ 13 - size 8-9
SQ 14 - size 9-10
SQ 15 - size 10-11

Handmade in Calgary

Worn with the Large Bead Ring