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Triton the Sea Horse Charm

Triton the Sea Horse Charm


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14K Solid Yellow Gold, Regular Charm Size 14.50mm x Height 20.00mm 

Perhaps the most romantic of the sea dwelling creatures. Did you know that Sea Horses mate for life with the same partner and it’s the male Sea Horse who carries and births the babies 💕

In collaboration with @thecleanupkids, here are a few more things you should know about Triton the Sea Horse:

💦  There are 46 species of Sea Horse

💦  They sleep with their eyes open and swim upright

💦  Sea Horses prefer to swim in pairs, linking their tails together

💦  Sea Horses have existed for 13 million years!

Our Ocean Charms are meaningful way to connect with the animals you love and want to protect.

🌍 In collaboration with @nakaweproject a portion of proceeds from the sale of our Ocean Collection will go back to support Ocean Conservation work around the world 🌎

Handmade in Toronto