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Wild Grape Vine Dangle Earrings

Wild Grape Vine Dangle Earrings

Michael Michaud

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Wild grape are captivating plants that enchant with their natural beauty. These climbers gracefully weave their way through woods and gardens, creating intricate tapestries of foliage. One of their most alluring features is the clusters of small, purple to black grapes they bear.

The grapes produced by wild vines not only have a fascinating aesthetic appeal, but also play an important ecological role. Their intense aromas and varied flavours attract birds, insects and mammals, making them a vital part of the local ecosystem.

Materials: The leaves and twigs of the Wild Grave Vine earrings are cast in green hand patinated bronze. The earrings are accented with purple flame-worked glass grape bunches and beads with gold plated vines. The wires are 925 Sterling silver with a 24K gold plating.

Measures: 1.92" L x 0.75" W

Handmade in New York