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Constantine Designs

Lynda Constantine’s jewellery studio rests on the south shore of Nova Scotia near the head of St. Margaret’s Bay. In 1997, after travelling and working overseas for nearly nine years, Lynda returned to Canada to become a goldsmith and pursue her passion for jewellery design.

Lynda’s inspiration is rooted in the visual memory and cultural experiences of years of extensive travel in Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America. She is also heavily influenced by the stories of the countless people she has met abroad and at home in Canada. Her experiences in other countries and with other cultures instilled in her a deep appreciation for the freedom Canadians have to define themselves and design their own lives.

During Lynda’s time abroad she expressed herself through photography and a dynamic form of shodo (Japanese calligraphy). It is in these art forms that she learned that beauty could be expressed with one intentional stroke of a brush or a simple strike of light. It is with this same intention that Lynda celebrates the beauty of simplicity in her metal work and incorporates a design sense fostered by the experiences of a world traveller framed in a streamlined modern context.

Lynda hopes that you will discover, in wearing her jewellery, your own individual sense of style will resonate, thrive and evolve.

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