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Constantine Designs

Constantine Designs was established in 1997, by principle designer Lynda Constantine after travelling and living abroad for nine years.

The inspiration for jewellery design is rooted in the visual memory and cultural experiences of years of extensive travel. The beautiful simplicity in metal work and design is fostered by the experiences of a world traveller framed in a streamlined modern context.

Constantine Design's studio now rests in the vibrant city of Halifax, Nova Scotia where Lynda, alongside Managing Partner Katrina Doucette, continue to design and exceed client's expectations. This feat wouldn't be possible without their team of dedicated amazing goldsmiths - these talented women are the backbone of Constantine Designs - Nancy Cleghorn, Lindsey Bellefontaine and Abigail Biro.

Lynda and Katrina hope that you will discover, in wearing a Constantine piece, your own individual sense of style will resonate, thrive and evolve."

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