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Kris Nations

"We’re Kris and Kim, sisters who grew up in the Southwest playing with beads, rocks and metal. We design jewelry that’s part Bohemian, part modernism, part in-your-face statement. Kind of like Alexander Calder meets Dolly Parton.

As kids our mom, an artist and teacher, took us on road trips throughout the Southwest desert during the summer. She sold her creations at art shows and that sparked our inspiration to create. In the early 2000s, we were living in San Francisco and Kris started making jewelry to give as gifts, which led to selling her creations to local SF stores. 

We attended our first tradeshow in Las Vegas. We drove there from San Francisco with the booth strapped to the top of our car. Our setup was so complicated we were the first ones there and last to leave. We worked desk jobs by day and at night we made jewelry and packed boxes, which quickly filled our S.F. Mission loft. Then Daily Candy discovered us and we realized we had something big on our hands. Now we’re a full blown operation of killer women in Half Moon Bay, Calif."

Kris Nations' charms, rings and stud earring are made of 18k gold vermeil and sterling silver. Their 18k gold vermeil is extremely durable. It's made with 2.5 microns of gold, 100-200 times more gold than a lot of plated jewellery on the market. Their chains are made of gold-filled (gold mixed with silver) rather than plated. Gold-filled chain has up to 25 times the gold found in plated chain and is made to last. Their team assembles your piece in Half Moon Bay, California before passing it on to you.

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