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Megumi Noguchi has loved the arts since she was a little girl, enjoying painting, playing music, dancing and arts & crafts. She grew up in an artistic and liberated environment and studied at a Fine Arts high school and college, Women’s College of Fine Arts (JOSHIBI) in Tokyo, Japan. After finishing her Fine Arts/Design studies, Megumi had been working at an enamelling artist’s studio where she learned and enjoyed the process of hand crafts and colours.

After she came to Canada and began working at a fashion jewellery designer’s studio in Toronto, she realized that there was an opportunity to make and design jewellery for a multi-cultural and diverse market. She wished to develop her own skills as a designer and craftsperson, so she started taking jewellery making classes part-time and eventually decided to go back to school full-time. She enrolled in a Jewellery Arts Diploma course at George Brown College. While studying jewellery full time, she worked part-time at a goldsmith’s studio, as Assistant Designer for a fashion jewellery company and gained experience, making and designing jewellery. After she graduated jewellery school, she started to design and create jewellery under her own brand ‘megums’ in Toronto, Canada.

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