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Through a studied use of clean lines and an unwavering commitment to a minimalist aesthetic, KONZUK has become the internationally renowned modern line of handcrafted jewellery for the contemporary design lover.

Heralded by Dwell Magazine as wearable architecture, KONZUK’s designs mirror the heroic restraint of modernist architectural practice while marrying balance with minimal form — each piece is artfully constructed from the meaningful use of industrial materials. Most recently, the designer’s move to the west coast has brought the majestic western sky into the forefront of the designs, incorporating motifs from astronomy, nocturnal views, and the timeless ritual of stargazing. The play of duality in the steel and concrete jewelry reflects the way in which the two astronomical bodies’ gravitational attraction creates an orbit. 

Owner and designer, Karen Konzuk, aspires to create jewellery that is more wearable architecture than simply an accessory. A graduate of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Karen earned a BFA with a major in Jewellery Design and a minor in Art History and then introduced the KONZUK line shortly after graduation.

Although Karen’s formal education focused heavily on working with traditional precious metals, the designer has always shied away from mainstream expectations. Karen began to experiment with stainless steel shortly after completing her studies. While the unorthodox material inspired her, its use required that she retrain herself since standard jewellery making rarely calls for stainless steel. The properties of this metal call for an understanding of unusual tools and manufacturing methods.

Handmade in Vancouver

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