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Founded in 1987 by Carola and Nils Eckrodt, the COEUR DE LION brand stands for colour indulgence, a love of life and luxury that is affordable for many people. Today, the Stuttgart location employs 150 members of staff, 145 of whom are female.

Jewellery from COEUR DE LION can be recognized by the stainless steel quality seal on each necklace and every bracelet - the guarantee for scrupulously checked quality from their workshop. In addition, each jewellery box contains a certificate of authenticity, which has been certified by the retailer giving signed and sealed quality, guaranteeing that designer jewellery from COEUR DE LION boasts particular quality and longevity.

Especially elegant, COEUR DE LION jewellery is durable, doesn’t tarnish and exudes sophistication – high-grade 316L stainless steel is an attractive material that is featured greatly in the COEUR DE LION collections. And they’re nickel-free too!

Real stones such as amethyst, amazonite, aventurine, rose quartz, chalcedony, agate, hematite or carnelian offer nature’s entire colour spectrum and give jewellery a touch of uniqueness. Unsurpassed in colour brilliance and cut, Swarovski® crystals are particularly well suited to the elegant pieces of jewellery in Carola Eckrodt's design lines and have therefore been a component for many years.

Handmade in Germany. Enjoyed around the world. 

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