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Laughing Sparrow

Designer, business owner, and goldsmith, Rachael Hatala does it all. She creates beautiful, modern, handmade jewellery using a few basic tools and her own two hands. 

Rachael has been making jewellery since she was a child, starting with stringing beads then progressing to selling wire wrapped sea glass at her grandmother's store when she was 12. She was able to begin to translate all the designs in her mind when she took her first silversmithing class in 2007. She makes every piece start to finish with her own two hands and a few simple tools. Working with reclaimed sterling silver and gold and responsibly sourced semiprecious and precious stones, she uses traditional goldsmithing techniques such as filing, piercing, forming, soldering, and polishing to create contemporary and functional designs.

Rachael believes in using sustainable materials to produce heirloom quality jewellery. She makes jewellery to bring people joy. It brings her great satisfaction to see someone walk away with a huge smile on their face and a piece of her jewellery adorning their body or tucked in a box to be gifted to a loved one. A piece to be cherished; a future heirloom.

Handmade in Calgary

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