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Giverny Water Lilies Earrings
Giverny Water Lilies Earrings

Giverny Water Lilies Earrings

Silver Seasons

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Drawing inspiration from the iconic water lily paintings by Claude Monet, discovered the timeless elegance of these Giverny Water Lily earrings. Crafted with exquisite attention to detail, the earrings capture the ethereal grace of water lily and offers a unique blend of artistic inspiration and enchanting design. 

Giverny, nestled in the picturesque French countryside, served as a haven for Monet's artistic exploration. His carefully designed garden, with the now iconic water lilies, weeping willows and Japanese bridges provided the artist with an endless source of inspiration.

Materials: The Water Lilies Earrings are cast in bronze with a duo of mixed metal finishes - hand patina and 24K gold plating, accented with purple case glass flowers. The wires are 925 Sterling Silver with 24K gold plating

Measures: 1.45: L x 0.65" W

Handmade in New York