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Maaÿaz (first launched as Moroccan Birds) is a Moroccan jewelry brand made from the traditional weaving of gold threads called "Sfifa". This noble and emblematic material is used to adorn the most beautiful Moroccan caftans. To pay tribute to this craft, the founding sisters have revisited the "Sfifa" to make modern, sparkling and resistant jewelry. All Maaÿaz creations are designed in their workshop in Casablanca and ethically handmade by talented and passionate artisans.

Based in New York City, Zineb is the co-founder and designer of the brand. Zineb is a natural-born artist with thoughtful attention to detail — she designs each Maaÿaz piece herself.  She has a deep love for her heritage, pulling inspiration from all Moroccan aesthetics and culture.

Based in Casablanca, Rim is the CEO and co-founder of the brand. With a Master’s degree in e-commerce marketing, Rim uses her expertise to manage all of the brand’s marketing, brand development, sales, and social media. She also works very closely with the artisans in their atelier located in Casablanca, Morocco.

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