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Yo Sox

In 1993, a passionate and stylish entrepreneur named Trevor received a pair of socks from his wife as a gift. These socks were different than other socks he owned. They had personality, zest and elicited excitement.

As chance would have it he caught a glimpse of the price tag mistakenly left on the socks and was shocked by how expensive they were. “How can this be?” he thought.

Months later Trevor would visit a young woman in Beijing who worked as a sock manufacturer. He pulled these same socks out of his briefcase and asked her “Can you make me socks like this at an affordable price?” 

She took the pair and held it up to the light, pulling the fabric in opposite directions. The answer was a resounding “NO” and it came down to two words. Poor Quality.

A lightbulb moment would lead Trevor down a path on a new pursuit. To market quality driven,  funky and fashion forward socks at an affordable price. Despite this eureka moment it wasn’t until twenty years later that Trevor’s vision would become the reality it is today. What is now known as Yo Sox. 

"Trevor is not only our founder, he’s the visionary for what we stand for, what we promise, and what we deliver to you.  A vision years in the making has lead us to a promise that is everlasting. Quality socks that make you feel and look your best."

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