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Amara Strand Studio

Amara Strand is an artist based in Northern Ontario, Canada. Her educational background includes a bachelor’s degree in Interior Design and a certificate in 3D Rendering and Design. After more than 6 years practicing as an Interior designer, she fell in love with watercolour. Watercolour, ink and graphite are used to create her colourful signature artwork inspired by the beauty of urban life, architecture, food and nature.

Her aim is to awaken people who get disconnected from city and nature. She believes stories behind art connect one to another and share their memories. Her goal is to inspire others to cherish the surroundings where they live through her art as well as to bring joy, happiness and positive energy out of them.

Building on her passion for art, Amara has started her own brand, Amara Strand Studio. Her studio focuses on original paintings, stationery design and accessories that include her unique watercolour paintings.
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