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Graf Lantz

Keep it simple. Keep it natural. Keep it different. Evolve. 

“We didn’t start with a mission. It evolved with us. Keeping things simple, natural and different is all we knew at the time. Now, it’s all we care about. We make sure it touches everything we do. It’s why we make what we sell, how we choose materials, and how we value the relationships that give us each new day. Whether that line of thinking is trite, profound or nowhere in between is anyone’s else’s guess. We know what got us here. We have proof. We’re sticking with it; carving our niche, meeting like minds and making every day our first." 

— Daniel Lantz

Graf Lantz is a unique collection of wool, leather and canvas collections on a casual mission to elevate and inspire. German precision, Japanese perspective and California soul form a trio of influence for a cross-category range of products working under the radar for maximum subtlety and lingering impact.

The engine of their dream locomotive is the Graf Lantz factory. Every piece begins and ends in Los Angeles, hand-built by an outstanding team of craftsmen who should all win an award every day for the magic they not only make, but share with the world.

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