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Silver Seasons Lily of the Valley Long Earrings 3627V

Lily of the Valley Long Earrings

Michael Michaud

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Lily of the Valley is a timeless flower, long adored for its dainty white buds and lovely fragrance. As the official flower of May, its scientific name, Convallaria majalis, translates to “of or belonging to May”. Lily of the Valley, native to Europe, signifies ‘happiness’ and is considered one of the most traditional types of wedding flower. It has been favoured by royal brides, including Kate Middleton and Grace Kelly.

The Lily of the Valley Earrings are cast in sterling silver with a 24k matte gold finish and accented with cast glass flowers, each filled with a white freshwater pearl. The wires are 925 Sterling Silver with gold plating.

1.72" L x 0.7" W

Handmade in New York