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Laughing Sparrow Rose Gold Square Stacking Ring 241-03
Laughing Sparrow Rose Gold Square Stacking Ring 241-03

Rose Gold Square Stacking Ring

Laughing Sparrow

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Laughing Sparrow's collection of square rings are super funky. Stack 'em up, mix and match to make something unique to you. Are they comfy? Double yes! The corners give your fingers a little extra room to breathe.

Rose-gold filled

NOTE: Square ring sizes are different than round rings. Here is an approximate conversion chart:
SQ 8 - size 3-4
SQ 9 - size 4-5
SQ 10 - size 5-6
SQ 11 - size 6-7
SQ 12 - size 7-8
SQ 13 - size 8-9
SQ 14 - size 9-10
SQ 15 - size 10-11

What is gold-filled? Gold filled is a thick layer of gold bonded to a core of brass. It's the next best thing to gold because it won't wear off for about 25 years of everyday wear! Gold-filled is about 100x thicker than gold plating and it wears just like solid gold, but with a super affordable price point! 

Handmade in Calgary