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KERBHOLZ was founded in 2011 when Moritz and Matthias decided to pack their backpacks and fly to Mexico. On their journey through Central America, they got to know new countries, new people and a new material, they thought they had known already: wood. They saw it everywhere, in every form and color: Wooden boats, cabins, cutlery and jewelry on indigenous markets. They fell in love with the timeless, natural and warm material and they were convinced: The potential of wood for fashion wasn’t nearly at a peak. Four naïve wood enthusiasts became four not-so-naïve enthusiasts and a few wooden sunglasses and watches became a whole collection centred around natural materials like acetate, wood, slate, and marble. A good idea became a company, a product became a collection, and four friends became a whole team.

Designed and handmade in Cologne, Germany, KERBHOLZ watches exclusively use natural wood, which is sealed in a special way. The longer you wear your product, the more individual its natural patina gets. Through simple design language, the products highlight colour, grain and unobstrusive value of the natural materials. These special materials make every KERBHOLZ product a unique piece, with no two models looking the same.

For KERBHOLZ, good design moreover means to regard the conservation of resources as an essential part of the design process. They use innovative materials from renewable resources and high quality Ronda Quartz watch mechanisms. Good design makes products long-lasting and reduces environmental pollution during production and disposal.



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