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Michael Vincent Michaud

Michael Vincent Michaud is notably unique in his process of cast glass, a technique not typically utilized in jewellery design. The cast glass he creates resembles beautiful pieces of natural sea glass, each with their own shape, texture and colour. Through this craft, Michael is able to capture bold colours and textures which, when hit with radiant light, make each glass element of the jewellery glisten and glow. Surrounded by the skilled craftsmen at his father’s studio, Michael was inspired by the master craftsmanship of his father (Silver Seasons), as well as his own true love of “art glass” and the colours of the world around him. He studied extensively with some of America’s finest glass artists at various institutions including the prestigious Corning and Urban glass programs. As a young man, he experienced first-hand the art of creating handmade jewellery and metal objects.

Michael Vincent Michaud designs are cast in bronze layered in gold and silver. All the pieces are handmade with care and high quality materials. All of the glass elements are cast or flame-worked by hand.

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