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Northern Watters Knitwear

Northern Watters Knitwear prides themselves on their 100% British Wool knit sweaters and accessories that are hand crafted using antique Swiss knitting looms.

In an age when most manufacturers strive to cut costs and improve efficiency it has become Northern Watters Knitwear's goal to be about a hundred years behind the rest. While it might seem to be an odd achievement, it is the only way they know of fulfilling their main objective of being the highest quality maker of outdoor sweaters in the world. Each of their garments and accessories are hand-knit in Prince Edward Island, Canada, a tiny province with a big reputation for traditional values and craftsmanship. No piece is complete until the hang tag has been signed by the knitter who actually made the garment. That signature is your guarantee that your garment was crafted with care by one of the world's best knitters.

They are indeed, a hundred years behind the times and wouldn't have it any other way.

Handmade in PEI

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