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Dainty Orange Earrings

Dainty Orange Earrings

Michael Michaud

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Michael has revisited one of his most beloved collections with a new inspiration and design. The Dainty Orange Blossom Collection is an ode to their classic Orange collection, but with a fresh twist.

Orange trees can grow up to about 30 feet tall and bear fruit once each year, through its months of harvest depends on the fruit's variety. At the end of its season, ripe orange fruit is picked from its luscious tree. Through its striking white blossoms create a beautiful mosaic of white pearls across its branches, only a small percentage of the orange tree's blossoms actually grow fruit. Not only is this beloved citrus fruit delicious, but its trees are a masterpiece of nature.

Materials: The Dainty Orange Blossom earrings are cast in hand patinated bronze, accented with cast glass oranges, matte white silver flowers and freshwater pearls. The wires are 925 sterling silver with a 24K gold plating

Measures: 0.9" L x 0.45" W

Handmade in New York