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Silver Seasons Nasturtium Earrings 3679BZ

Nasturtium Earrings

Michael Michaud

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Nasturtiums are known for their circular-shaped leaves and warm-coloured flower petals, as well as their presence in an array of culinary dishes! This uniquely shaped flowering plant can either be a low-growing bushy variety, trailing or even climbing. Besides their highly ornamental value, nasturtium flowers and leaves are edible as well. Whether incorporated into vibrant summer salads or infused into vinegar, this extremely versatile plant can brighten up borders, blanket garden walls and add life to many recipes.

Materials: The Nasturtium Earrings are cast in bronze with a trio of mixed metal finishes, including their signature green hand patination, gunmetal and 24k gold plating. The wires are 925 Sterling silver with a 24k gold plating.

Measures: 1.57" L x 0.8" W

Handmade in New York