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Silver Seasons Night Willow Earrings 3602V

Night Willow Earrings

Silver Seasons

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Beloved for its beautiful ornaments, the willow tree acts as an excellent medicinal remedy due to its healing abilities. The tree produces a form of salicylic acid which can reduce pain, fever and swelling. Today, the narrow, long branches of the tree are used to decorate romantic arches during weddings and other ceremonies. With the touch of a few strands of twinkle lights, these dazzling branches are immediately brought to life for cherished moments.

“The drapery alone of this tree is magnificent. Inspired by one of my sons’ wedding, I created a delicate collection that portrays how these branches were used to create a magical scenery.” ~ Michael Michaud

The Night Willow Earrings are cast in sterling silver with a 24K gold finish and accented with white freshwater pearls. The wires are 925 silver with a 24k gold plating.

1.64" L x 0.84" W

Handmade in New York