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Tulip Earrings Post

Tulip Earrings Post

Michael Michaud

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The exquisite Tulip collection is a harmonious blend of nature's grace and expert craftsmanship. Created from hand patinated bronze and cast glass flowers in yellow, pink and purple, this daintly Tulip brooch captures the delicate charm of tulip blossoms with meticulous detail.

Admired for their timeless beauty and symbolic significance, tulips serve as the inspiration to the collection. Native to Central Asia, these flowers have captured the hearts of the world with their vibrant hues and graceful silhouettes. The Tulip collection pays homage to their allure, embodying the essence of nature in each finely crafted piece.

The Tulip brooch mirrors the graceful curves of blooming tulip petals, showcasing a lustrous finish that adds a touch of sophistication to each piece. Embrace the elegance of tulips with this exquisite brooch, a symbol of timeless beauty that blooms in every carefully handcrafted detail.

Materials: The Tulip earrings are cast in hand patinated bronze and accented with colourful cast glass flowers. The wires are 925 silver with 24K gold plating.

Handmade in New York